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Kinda insane...


Myles Kennedy at the SMK&C show in Atlantic City, NJ, August 31

In which Myles just teases us by taking off his jacket and showing his arms. Take the damn top completely off Kennedy!

Also, the last pic amuses me. I wonder what he saw.

Photos by tako217 on twitter. Taken from the Myles Kennedy & AB Japan page of FB.

(Source: facebook.com)


Someone on the Fringe production team just can’t figure out how to spell Manhattan

It’s only spelled “Manhatan” on the other side aka the parallel universe. It’s on purpose and it’s meant to show the difference between the 2 worlds.


I am LOVING Myles Kennedy right now… If you haven’t heard his stuff listen to the record he did with Slash called “Apocalyptic Love” I absolutely love it! and he’s a babe, too! ;)

Also, listen to everything from Alter Bridge, The Mayfield Four and Citizen Swing.

Yup, there I go again. Pushing Myles down people’s throats. LOL
You’d thank me later :D