I had 99 bananas but an adorkable elf ate them all...

Wrestling, music, food, cute stuff, fun...
Home of Banana Myles and the Rated R Cookie Monster! (With special guest appearances from Potato Tom...)

Ozzy, female, from Israel.

Wrestling - Mostly Adam "Edge" Copeland (AKA The Rated R Cookie Monster), Chris Jericho and Jay "Christian" Reso.

Music -Mainly Guns N Roses and Alter Bridge. Myles Kennedy in particular. (Did I mention yet that this blog is also the home of Banana Myles... :P).

Haven and Fringe.

The Wizard of Oz.

Dogs, rats, cats and any other animals are welcome.

Got a thing for Jason Lewis.

Oh, and did someone say Tom Hiddleston?

Kinda insane...